Howie Simon (Alcatrazz) plays M ZERO

The great american guitarist Howie Simon (Alcatrazz, Jeff Scott Soto) plays M ZERO Overdrive!

Howie Simon Mezzabarba MZero

Photo by: Todd Headlee

His words:

“Well, I think I’ve finally found it!  The Mezzabarba M-Zero Overdrive is an absolute BEAST of an amp!  It’s got gain for days, it’s warm, it cuts through, and it doesn’t have that scooped mid-range sound. The cleaner channel has a perfect break-up response to how hard I hit the strings. The depth control lets me add beefiness to my Strats.  This thing sounds HUGE! And the M-Zero Overdrive looks cool as hell, too.  You simply HAVE to take this thing out on the racetrack!”

Thank you Howie… god bless you.

Pierangelo Mezzabarba
CEO and owner