Finally an all tube, midi controllable, 3 channel preamp dedicated to Modern sounds: from crystal clear Clean, through a classic punchy Crunch, to High Gain Bliss. The best of the MZero and Trinity in a rack preamp that offers the full range of the incredible tones available from Mezzabarba.

Three Versatile Channels

Channel 1
Dedicated to clean sound, it’s equipped with a brite switch to refresh high frequencies. Drive and volume controls are interdependent and they can be set in order to obtain different sounds. With the boost engaged, it’s easy to have a very impressive crunch.

Channel 2
Channel for mean overdriven sounds, the 2nd channel starts from clean gradually dirty up to reach a rhythm rock sound full and dynamic. With the boost engaged is similar to the former but is more useful for modern sounds, both for rhythm and solo parts, with very high gain, dynamics and transparency.

Channel 3
Modern high gain channel, great headroom with rich armonics, perfect for Rhythm and Solo parts, with Boost engaged. Very reactive to the pick, with a solid and fully controlled response to low frequencies, it gives a “liquid” and sustained sound.

Features and technical specifications

  • 3 channel – Clean, Drive and Overdrive – for 24 different sounds, all programmable, with 128 presets.
  • Every channel has Boost, Bright and Dual Master functions.
  • Preamp controls:
    Channel 1: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume.
    Channel 2: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume.
    Channel 3: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume.
  • Preamp Output controls: Master 1 and Master 2
  • Midi, programmable, PC and CC functions. 128 Presets.
  • Midi In, Midi Thru.
  • Preamp tubes: 6 x 12AX7.
  • Dimensions: 2 Rack Units, Depth 28 cm.
  • Weight: 4,5 Kg.
Download the Nirvana User Manual


Rock 100%
Blues 100%
Metal 100%
Pop 100%
Distortion 100%


+200 USD Export
+200 EUR Europe