The Skill Combo is a concentrate of pure Mezzabarba sound, power and transparency enclosed in a beautiful, 18kg portable amp. As always, our motto is “No compromise”, and that’s precisely the philosophy that inspired the Skill and its unprecedented engineering effort.

The first channel is derived from the M ZERO Standard in the view of granting it the best possible interface with pedals. A Bright and a Boost switch, together with the great equalizer, allow it to yield all of the sounds that a single channel amp can possibly deliver. The second channel is M ZERO Overdrive channel which starts as crunch and saturates exponentially with amazing sustain and harmonic richness, leaving musicians and audiences in awe.

The ingenious switching system does not alter the dynamic and fluidity of the amp, and allows to swap between channels in an unprecedented smooth fashion.

The innovative Power control allows the Skill to deliver a full-body, saturated sound even at very low volumes, which makes this amp a perfect tool to enjoy even at home. Finally, the switchable, full-tube effects loop allows for endless sound possibilities.
The Skill was born to Rock but can do anything, at any volume, in any place. Nothing will be the same anymore.

Features and technical specifications

  • Same electric feature of the head version.
  • The shell and baffle board are made out of baltic birch ply with hand made 1/4″ finger joints
  • 1×12 speaker open back (Standard: Celestion Vintage 30)
  • Dimensions: 18,1″H x 16,9″W x 9.4″D
  • Weight: 39,6 lbs
Download the Skill Combo User Manual Download the Midi Option User Manual


Rock 100%
Blues 80%
Metal 80%
Pop 80%
Distortion 100%


Dual Master
+300 USD Export
+200 EUR Europe
+500 USD Export
+400 EUR Europe
Extra Boost
+300 USD Export
+200 EUR Europe
Custom 1 Color Tolex
+100 USD Export
+100 EUR Europe